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Enjoy better clarity and better reliability with ZTelco’s business internet service.

We are a San Diego internet provider serving most Southern California. Our cutting-edge internet service delivers blazing-fast speeds for businesses looking to do more with their time and money. Scale your business with a data plan that can grow with you. See our local San Diego Fiber coverage.

ZTelco Microwave Internet Service is Faster

We achieve top speeds using the latest innovations in fiber communications utilizing microwave receivers for achieving connectivity without expensive construction. Traveling at the speed of light and in a straight line, our service provides the lowest latency currently available. Scalable bandwidth options up to 10Gbps via microwave are available. We also provide Internet via fiber or T1.

Fastest Internet Providers San Diego

Expert Integration of Voice and Other Options to Save Money

Integrate fiber internet speeds with an advanced VOIP business phone system to maximize your ROI potential. Industry-leading service-level agreements are available. Try us today and find out why our customers love us.

Fastest Internet Provider in San Diego

Super-fast Installation Package

Don’t settle for just any internet provider San Diego. You can get online in no-time with ZTelco’s Rapid Deploy Pack. Get connected and enjoy the best fiber has to offer.

The ZTelco Rapid Deploy Pack is excellent for remote sites who need temporary internet service.

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