Faster Internet And Better Phone Service

No Construction Required

ZTelco provides commercial real estate property managers with an alternative option to destructive internet installation methods. Typical internet installation requires expensive cabling, digging, and drilling onto your buildings’ rooftops. This can lead to leaky roofs and unsightly damage to your roads and driveways. ZTelco eliminates the damage caused by internet installers because our solution is wireless. We take advantage of your existing data infrastructure and we eliminate the need for rooftop drilling by utilizing anchored microwave receivers.


Do You Qualify for a Free Hotspot?

Commercial real estate properties can qualify for a free hotspot when you connect your entire property. Utilize this hotspot in your property lobby, gym, or recreation area to maximize your resident and guest experience. You’ll be surprised how far your internet installation can go. Download our Free Installation Guide for more information.

Download the Building Installation Guide

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