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Lawyers Should be On-Time Every Time

No other profession relies on timeliness quite like the legal profession. Legal professionals need to balance multiple responsibilities, including being a steward of client information. This responsibility is driving up the need for faster, more secure ways to connect. As lawyers work through the night on important cases, they cannot be slowed down by a weak internet connection and unreliable phone systems.

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Slow Speeds are a Thing of the Past

Get connected to the ZTelco Wireless Fiber Broadband network and enjoy scalable fiber speeds that can keep up with your heavy caseloads. Add secure and reliable hardware and enjoy a fully integrated solution featuring fiber internet and premium office telephone services. As the legal profession continues to change, it is clear that data is not slowing down. Make sure your law firm is in the forefront of progress. Make the switch to wireless fiber and premium hardware.

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Symmetrical Speeds Icon

Symmetrical Speeds

Realize your maximum potential with equal upload and download speeds.

Offsite Cloud-based Storage Icon

Offsite Cloud-based Storage

Secure your file storage and file transfers with a reliable and compliant backup.

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Security Encryption

Ensure security needs are met with enterprise-grade security features.

WiFi Hotspots Icon

WiFi Hotspots

Provide fiber coverage in your property with managed WiFi hotspots.

Customer Support Icon

Customer Support

Save on enterprise-grade solutions at a fraction of the cost.

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Phone Auto Attendant

Provide an optimized customer experience each time they reach out to you.

Call Monitoring Icon

Call Monitoring

Monitor and record sales, marketing, and customer support calls with advanced tools and features.

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Redundancy Protocols

Ensure you stay connected regardless of the situation with double or triple redundancy efforts.

Security and Trust are the Bedrocks of What You Do

Don’t let poor communication represent you or your clients in a negative light. Take advantage today of a fully integrated data plan that includes VoIP telephone service backed by top internet speeds, and the latest, most secure enterprise-grade hardware.

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Stay Connected

Is staying connected important to you? Be sure to ask about our double and triple redundancy protocols which keep you connected no matter the circumstances.

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