Faster Internet And Better Phone Service

Faster is Always Better

Today’s businesses rely on speed and reliable connectivity to move business forward. Local customers can enjoy the fastest speed because we eliminate the need for cables. Our signal is transmitted wirelessly to your building so we can avoid the large amount of network nodes and relays that can slow down your broadband signal by up to 66%. Think your internet speed is fast? Think again.

Fast internet services

More Than a Phone System

ZTelco’s RingPlan Platform integrates phone service with video conferencing, text messaging, and fax, all under one provider and managed under one dashboard.

RingPlan hosted phone systems for business
Business Internet Services - Menu Selection

Business Internet

Get connected to the fastest fiber broadband around and take advantage of the best the fiber has to offer including blazing fast download and upload speeds.

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Digital Telephone

Enjoy better clarity and better reliability with ZTelco’s RingPlan phone app, ZTelco’s nationwide solution for remote work and work-from-home challenges.

Cabling Management Services - Menu Selection

Cabling Management

Mange your building’s cabling and hardware with ZTelco to ensure your site is safe and clean. Let our network engineers assess your cabling needs to recommend new hardware, new cabling installs, and to remove old cabling.

Managed Infrastructure - Menu Selection

Managed Infrastructure

ZTelco engineers can provide a network assessment to ensure business continuity. Let us design a perfect network layout for your specific needs, utilizing the latest and best hardware, and utilizing best-practice principles for full network redundancy.

Managed Wifi and Hotspot Services - Menu Selection

Managed Wifi

Let ZTelco manage your Wi-Fi needs. Our managed Wi-Fi allows you to get back to business instead of managing your network. We provide custom Wi-Fi hotspots to ensure top-rated fiber connectivity is up and running, allowing your patrons to enjoy seamless Wi-Fi communications.

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Residential Internet

Is your building part of the ZTelco Network? Learn how you can petition your property manager to add ZTelco in your building.


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