Faster Internet And Better Phone Service

Emergency Power Systems Designed for Business

Prevent loss of business by securing your power supply in the case of an electrical surge or power failure. When the lights go out, ZTelco Battery Backups kick in to ensure your technology keeps running without interruption.

Your Business VoIP Depends on Reliable Energy

Don’t let another black-out cost your business thousands of dollars.

Rather than letting your business communications suffer from lack of power, prepare with an emergency power backup system installed for your business technology and IT infrastructure.

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Keep Servers Running, Keep Business Going

Energy blackouts happen to everyone, but a commercial battery backup system can keep your business protected when it happens to you.

Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs

Every backup battery system we launch is unique, and customized for each customer’s specific needs and requirements.

ZTelco takes into account your business’s requirements and provides all of the support and hardware you need, from batteries, power inverters, PDUs, fuses, connectors, and more. Our warehouse stocks it all.

Schedule a Sitewalk with an On-site Engineer

Schedule time with an on-site engineer who can survey your site and can let you know if your site qualifies for a battery backup installation from ZTelco.

Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs

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that’s right for your needs and your budget