Faster Internet And Better Phone Service

The Connected Classroom

As students grow their understanding and get a perspective on the world, their bandwidth needs increase. Not only are lesson plans taught online, educators are relying more and more on cloud-based tools to conduct online study sessions, and use cloud based services to store student work and records.

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A Data Network That Meets Student Needs

Growing needs create challenges for school networks. They need a scalable solution that can keep up.

Don’t let student experience suffer from an overburdened network. Get fiber broadband in your classroom.

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Scalable Data and Telephone Features for Administrators

ZTelco provides schools and educational institutions with scalable solutions that grow with the needs of teaching staff and administration. With ZTelco, administrators can access advanced tools and features to optimize student learning, improve staff efficiency, and the quality of communication with parents.

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Scalable Solutions

Choose a partner who can grow with the needs of your students.

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Offsite Cloud-based Storage

Secure your file storage and file transfers with a reliable and compliant backup.

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Phone Auto Attendant

Provide an optimized experience each time you make a call and when parents out to you.

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Auto Dialer

Stay in touch with parents and educators using a centralized phone system.

Call Monitoring Icon

Call Monitoring

Monitor and record important conference calls and fundraising conversations to improve overall performance.

Security Encryption Icon

Security Encryption

Ensure security needs are met with enterprise-grade security features.

Web Accessibility Filters Icon

Web Accessibility Filters

Limit student access to harmful websites that can distract or hurt a student's chances to succeed.

Redundancy Protocols Icon

Redundancy Protocols

Ensure your classrooms stay connected with double or triple redundancy efforts.

Secure Student Privacy

Establish a safe and secure network that protects student privacy and establishes a safe environment for student learning. Access advanced web filters that protect students from harmful websites and protect your network from infectious malware.

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