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Auto Dealers are Optimizing Customer Experience

In today’s modern showroom, it is important to have a network that can provide for the needs of every guest and for the needs of your sales staff. Excellent customer service drives sales and great communication drives excellent service. Be sure your service department has an optimal communication plan that includes internet service, phone service, and WI-FI coverage your guests demand.

Optimize Customer Experience With Top Internet Service
Symmetrical Speeds Icon

Symmetrical Speeds

Realize your maximum potential with equal upload and download speeds.

Centralized Phone Systems Icon

Centralized Phone Systems

Discover the advantages that come with a centralized hosted phone system.

Phone Auto Attendant Icon

Phone Auto Attendant

Provide an optimized customer experience each time they reach out to you.

Web Accessibility Filters Icon

Web Accessibility Filters

Limit accessibility to harmful sites and boost productivity.and malware while boosting employee productivity.

Redundancy Protocols Icon

Redundancy Protocols

Ensure you stay connected regardless of the situation with double or triple redundancy efforts.

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Fiber Internet Speed

Do more with faster internet services via fixed microwave radio receivers.

Offsite Cloud-based Storage Icon

Offsite Cloud-based Storage

Secure your file storage and file transfers with a reliable and compliant backup.

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Call Monitoring

Monitor and record sales, marketing, and customer support with advanced tools and features.

Optimize Customer Experience During Service with Blazing-Fast WiFi

Long wait times entice your guests to spend more time browsing the web and more time streaming videos. Don’t let your network slow down due to heavy usage as your customers turn to streaming apps. Get connected today and enjoy flexible and secure WiFi with speeds over 1000Mbps.

Tired of your connection slowing down due to heavy bandwidth usage? Connect to an easily scalable data package that will give your network the boost it needs to thrive.

internet service and phone service for dealerships

Network Service – Specialized IT Support

Looking to optimize your network for maximum security and reliability? Upgrade to the most trusted hardware running on a secure, double or triple redundant network. Network redundancy will secure your connectivity even in the rare case of equipment failure. Let our network engineers audit your current network to find weaknesses and potential failures Let ZTelco design a new network for your specific auto dealerships.

Specialized IT Support, Phone, and Internet Service for dealerships

Phone Systems – Advanced Marketing and Sales Features

Looking to boost your sales, improve your marketing return, and improve customer support? Learn about ZTelco phone features specifically designed for sales, marketing, and support teams. Speak to a customer representative about a business phone system today.

Phone services and Internet Service for Dealerships

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