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ZTelco Data Solutions provide businesses with a whole new option in data connectivity. Our fixed microwave towers transmit data at the speed of light so you can get online in no time without the need for expensive construction or drilling associated with typical wired installations. Our solution is perfect for any type of business, especially those in remote regions or those who need data connectivity for special events where internet connectivity is difficult to access.


Top Rated Data Solutions

Our solutions are perfect for various types of organizations small and large looking for flexibility and performance. We have been serving business customers for over 15 years and have earned top ratings for our customer service and network solutions.

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Internet Services for Commercial and Residential Properties - Menu Selection

Property Management

Property Managers are connecting tenants to the fastest wireless internet and qualifying for a free internet hotspot in their building.

Internet for Commercial Real Estate Properties - Menu Selection

Commercial Real Estate

ZTelco is a trusted name in local internet installation and hosted voice service. Our business has been providing commercial real estate properties with solutions for connecting residents with the fastest fiber network. Do you host several business residents? Get them connected with only one provider.

Network and IT Services - Menu Selection

Network IT

Your problem is typical for a growing business, but spending too much time managing your IT network infrastructure can cost you a lot more than money. It can cost you trust between you and your customers. Rather than focusing your time to managing IT, trust ZTelco to provide expert local IT services so you can get back to business.

Temporary Internet for Events - Menu Selection

Internet for Events

Do you have a need for a wifi hotspot at your booth? ZTelco has got you covered. Our Microwave tower technology allows us to connect you wirelessly to our blazing fast fiber network. Whether you have a convention, symposium, conference, or special party, ZTelco can get you up and running with temporary wifi.

Internet Service for Remote Sites - Menu Selection

Internet for Remote Sites

Get a seamless blend of connectivity. Combine services from all major mobile providers for the ultimate wireless internet connection, even in remote areas. Our month-to-month pricing structure makes this a perfect option for temporary job sites or places that need rapid internet deployment.

Internet For Gaming

Internet For Gaming

Get connected to the fastest internet for gaming service around. Are you a professional gamer who needs ultra-fast speed? We’ve got you covered. The future of gaming is online. Be sure you can enjoy 4K resolution and 5.1 digital audio without delay or jitter caused by slow internet speeds.

Network Integrations

Network Integrations

ZTelco’s network integration service connects most of your new or existing network technologies into one easy to manage network. Take your technologies to the next level with a central management system.


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