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See voice vendor requirements pdf for many useful FAQs regarding voice services

Vendor Requirements PDF

General FAQ

Can I use my existing equipment?

Existing equipment must be analyzed by our technical engineers to ensure compatibility. Our network is compatible with most digital business phones, but we do not offer any connectivity guarantee on existing equipment or service using equipment not provided by ZTelco. Be sure to download our hardware guide to see our phone and internet hardware options. Our low pricing makes updating old equipment a no-brainer for your organization.  

Do you guarantee your service?

What kind of downtime will we have if we switch?

I've never heard of ZTelco do you have any references I can reach out to?

Will I have one point of contact if I have any issues?

Do you have 24/7 customer support?

Where is your service area?

How many business clients are you currently serving?

How long have you been in business?

Internet Services

What is the fastest speed you offer?

We can provide fiber signals from 100Mbps to 1000Mbps+. Not every business needs 1000Mbps speeds so be sure to speak with a sales representative who can assess your current needs.

Does your solution cause damage to buildings or properties?

What makes your internet faster than other methods?

What is CPE (Customer Premise Equipment)

What is a microwave receiver?

Do you offer Fiber Optic Internet

Phone Services

I would like to be able to manage my own phone-service, with ZTelco Hosted PBX service, will I be able to administer my own phone behaviors?

Yes, while the ZTelco Hosted PBX can be treated as a fully managed service, where our support team is happy to make all changes at your direction, we also realize that some customers need differing levels of access to the system, so that they may accomplish certain tasks on-demand. We are happy to provide this access to personnel at the direction of authorized users on the ZTelco account. ZTelco Support staff are also happy to provide unlimited training and supervisor training.

What kinds of phones does ZTelco recommend? What kind of phones work on ZTelco service?

Does ZTelco allow international calling?

What are my options when it comes to phone call routing?

What exactly is an "extension" and how does that differ from my phone number/s


Will bad weather affect our internet?

Each new installation is engineered on an individual basis to ensure that poor weather does not affect your internet connection. Network redundancy helps to eliminate concerns due to bad weather. Ask about double and triple redundancy features and how your business can benefit from ensuring connectivity, even in a worst case scenario.

How does the bandwidth compare to fiber or coax?

Is this satellite service?

Voice Vendor

Our enterprise business requires 24x7 fraudulent call monitoring. We need to know do you have advanced fraud protection and monitoring?

Standard on the account in international call fraud blocking. We have a “pin code” and IP based authentication which is required to do any international calling. Even if our customers systems are compromised, we have never lost a single dollar to expensive international toll fraud for any customer who employs the external pin codes and IP based authentication. The pin code method even blocks misconfigured customer pbx which allow fraudulent transfers and other unknown security issues.

We require high availability for our enterprise business. Can you provide in the contract at the very least 99.9 % uptime?

Voice quality must be High definition, G.711 Codec only. Do you support G.711 or better?

The E911 needs to be available and supported by the Vendor. Do you support E911 features?

I would like to peer with the provider on two regionally different paths, from one or more Cisco ISR routers. Can you support this?

We would need to scale up to 1000 concurrent call paths. Can you support this?

We need the cloud based sip streams to be encrypted. What forms of encrypted calls do you support?

Do we have the ability to self manage and block numbers from robo-dialers?

Do you have the ability for us to manage our DID blocks?

As an enterprise customer we require that our vendor must have at least two encrypted Secure locations for PSTN access for redundancy. Can you support encryption and redundancy?

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