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See voice vendor requirements pdf for many useful FAQs regarding voice services

Vendor Requirements PDF

General FAQ

How long have you been in business?

ZTelco has been in business for about 15 years. We have been serving San Diego business customers since 2004 with top-rated VoIP and internet service. We are a fast-growing, privately held organization dedicated to providing the best quality service at the best prices around.  

How many business clients are you currently serving?
Where is your service area?
Do you have 24/7 customer support?
Will I have one point of contact if I have any issues?
I've never heard of ZTelco do you have any references I can reach out to?
What kind of downtime will we have if we switch?
Do you guarantee your service?
Can I use my existing equipment?

Internet Services

Do you offer Fiber Optic Internet

Yes, we offer fiber internet speeds through fixed microwave rooftop towers. Unlike traditional fiber, our solution is wireless, so you don’t have to pay for expensive installation.

What is a microwave receiver?
What is CPE (Customer Premise Equipment)
What makes your internet faster than other methods?
Does your solution cause damage to buildings or properties?
What is the fastest speed you offer?

Phone Services

What exactly is an "extension" and how does that differ from my phone number/s

ZTelco's phone service is quite different from traditional phone service, and everything revolves around extensions. In order to operate on ZTelco's phone system, individual telephones must have a virtual identity, known as an extension, that a phone is programmed to utilize. The extension may also have custom programming to accommodate the user it is assigned to, like the ability to reach a user’s cell-phone if they do not answer their desk phone. The extension numbers themselves can also be dialed "internally" so that extensions on the same phone server may dial one another without using up any of your inbound / outbound capacity.

What are my options when it comes to phone call routing?
Does ZTelco allow international calling?
What kinds of phones does ZTelco recommend? What kind of phones work on ZTelco service?
I would like to be able to manage my own phone-service, with ZTelco Hosted PBX service, will I be able to administer my own phone behaviors?


Is this satellite service?

No, we install a non-penetrating, fixed microwave radio tower on top your building and sync it with another nearby radio tower. The two radios talk to one another and transmit data wirelessly.

How does the bandwidth compare to fiber or coax?
Will bad weather affect our internet?

Voice Vendor

As an enterprise customer we require that our vendor must have at least two encrypted Secure locations for PSTN access for redundancy. Can you support encryption and redundancy?

We can support either ipsec or TLSv1. We have two west coast endpoints (Scale Matrix in San Diego and Cogent Datacenter in Los Angeles)

Do you have the ability for us to manage our DID blocks?
Do we have the ability to self manage and block numbers from robo-dialers?
We need the cloud based sip streams to be encrypted. What forms of encrypted calls do you support?
We would need to scale up to 1000 concurrent call paths. Can you support this?
I would like to peer with the provider on two regionally different paths, from one or more Cisco ISR routers. Can you support this?
The E911 needs to be available and supported by the Vendor. Do you support E911 features?
Voice quality must be High definition, G.711 Codec only. Do you support G.711 or better?
We require high availability for our enterprise business. Can you provide in the contract at the very least 99.9 % uptime?
Our enterprise business requires 24x7 fraudulent call monitoring. We need to know do you have advanced fraud protection and monitoring?

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