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Telemedicine Support

The way we manage medical care is changing. Today, more clinics, medical facilities, and hospitals need help connecting with their patients. ZTelco can help integrate your voice and internet communications within a private network. Need a custom solution?

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Faster Hospital Internet for Large File Transfer

Large files such as imaging files from radiology can clog a network and can slow down communications. More than ever, hospitals require speeds that are only available via fiber broadband.

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Security Encryption

Ensure security needs are met with enterprise-grade security features.

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Split Networks

Protect your most valuable data by splitting network access. Create a separate guest network.

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Redundancy Protocols

Ensure you stay connected regardless of the situation with with double or triple redundancy efforts.

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Phone Auto Attendant

Provide an optimized customer experience each time they reach out to you.

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Offsite Cloud-based Storage

Secure your file storage and file transfers with a reliable and compliant backup.

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Fiber Internet Speed

Do more with faster internet services via fixed microwave radio receivers.

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Web Accessibility Filters

Limit accessibility to harmful sites and malware while boosting employee productivity.

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Customer Support

Reliable enterprise-grade solutions and support at a fraction of the cost.

Secure Hospital Internet and Phone Solutions – Meeting HIPPA Compliance

Security concerns regarding spyware and malware are on the forefront for medical facilities. Creating a security plan is important to ensure patient confidentiality is maintained according to HIPPA standards, which is designed to protect patient privacy.

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Catering to Patients and Guests

Hours of long wait times means that hospitals must also cater to a patient’s guests in the waiting room. More than ever, patients and guests demand more speed for accessing services and entertainment during their stay. Security concerns are monumental when it comes a guest’s use of the hospital internet network. Hospitals must rely on tools and features such as split networks, website filters, blacklists, and network encryption to prevent spyware or ransomware from accessing the hospital’s network and ultimately sensitive patient information.

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Medical Data Solutions – 1000Mbps and Up

Get connected to a new solution in wireless communication. ZTelco’s network connects medical facilities to the fastest wireless broadband service around. ZTelco is backed by a secure and encrypted network capable of handling heavy hospital data use, as required by today’s modern patients. Integrate your phone and internet solutions into one blazing fast fiber network and secure your patients’ privacy. Add microwave broadband as your number 1 redundancy protocol.

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