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Tired of Cabling Companies Coming and Going?

An overabundance of electrical, IT, and cabling technicians visiting your business can lead to a mess of used equipment and old cables. Business owners are left scratching their heads. They aren’t sure of what equipment works and what doesn’t, what cables are being used and what is no longer in service. This leaves business owners and property managers feeling fearful of cleaning it themselves.

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Old Equipment and Old Cabling Installations are a Hazard

Whether you inherited a bad situation from previous tenants or your company’s evolution has led to a similar situation, outdated equipment and bad cabling happens to everyone. When equipment or cables fail, it is easier to leave it alone than to remove it, and your average cabling technician will not want to touch it. The result can be a growing problem, a fire hazard, or simply an eye-sore. Hire ZTelco as your structured cabling partner to clean it all up so you can spend your time worrying about what really matters.

You Have Options

ZTelco structured cabling technicians are hired for their expertise and are trained in top customer solutions. Customers benefit from skills such as network security, network upgrades, and new hardware. After examining your current cabling situation to assess possible weaknesses in your network, our technicians can provide a network recommendation for your specific location.

Top Rated Service

ZTelco succeeds where many do not. We strive for customer satisfaction and have the cabling reviews to prove it. Contact a sales representative to schedule a phone call or on-site-meeting.

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