Faster Internet And Better Phone Service

I. SLA Targets:

Availability – End to End: 99.97% (On-Net Circuit)
MTTR – Restore: Priority 1 -Outage within 4 hours
Latency -50ms (Round Trip)
Packet Loss – <0.1%
Jitter – N/A

II. Priority Classification:

ZTelco will classify Service Disruptions (as defined below) as follows:

Priority 1

a. Total loss of Service (.Priority 1 Outage.)
b. Service degradation to the point where Customer is unable to use the Service and is prepared to release it for immediate testing.

Priority 2:

Degraded Service where Customer is able to use the Service and is not prepared torelease it for immediate testing.

Priority 3:

a. A service problem that does not impact the Service.
b. A single non-circuit specific quality of Service inquiry.

III. Network Availability

A Service Disruption is defined as a disruption or degradation that interferes with the ability of a ZRay Technologies network hub to (i) transmit and receive network traffic on a Customer’s dedicated access port; and (ii) exchange network traffic with another ZRay Technologies network hub. Service Disruptions include Priority 1 Outages. Service Disruptions exclude planned outages, routine maintenance, service problems resulting from acts or omissions of Customer, Customer equipment failures, and a Force Majeure Event. Network Availability is calculated as the total number of minutes the circuit is up (other than a Priority 1 outage) in a calendar month for a specific Customer connection, divided by the total number of minutes in a calendar month. Commitment: Zray Technologies monthly Network Availability Target is 99.97%.

IV. Latency

Latency is the average roundtrip network delay, measured every 5 minutes, to adequately determine a consistent average monthly performance level for latency at the relevant Zray Technologies Hub/POP. The Roundtrip Delay is expressed in milliseconds (ms). The observation period is one calendar month. For DIA, Zray Technologies measures latency using a standard 64byte ping from Customer premise device to the Zray Technologies Internet access router in a round trip fashion. For Ethernet, Zray Technologies measures latency using a standard 64byte ping from Customer premise device between site A and site Z.

V. Maintenance Notice:

Customer understands that from time to time Zray Technologies will perform routine network maintenance for network improvements and preventive maintenance, and in some cases, Zray Technologies will have to perform urgent network maintenance, which will usually also be conducted within the routine maintenance windows. Zray Technologies will use reasonable efforts to provide advance notice of the approximatetime, duration and reason for the routine maintenance and if commercially practicable, will provide notice of urgent maintenance. In no event shall any routine or urgent network maintenance be calculated against the foregoing outage measurements.

VI. Maintenance Windows:

Routine maintenance is typically performed during the following maintenance windows:
Mon – Fri 10pm – 2am
Sat – Sun 9pm – 4am

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