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702 Broadway is  now connected to a blazing-fast fiber network.  Connect today for a better internet experience. 

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Diega has a 5-Star Internet Service Provider


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Enjoy the best experience the internet has to offer whether it's used for work or play.

Diega is now connected to the ZTelco Network. Residents can access the fastest internet speeds around from ZTelco's new downtown tower site.

Residents at 702 Broadway are guaranteed the lowest advertised rates.

Click on the Button and Fill out the form to complete your setup.

No Contract Required.
No Long-Term Commitment.

Choose Between 150 Mbps or Ultra-Fast 1 Gig Speeds.

Sign up on a month-to-month basis and avoid getting into expensive contracts.  ZTelco does not require customers to enter into a long-term commitment. Cancel anytime if you're ever not fully satisfied. 

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Put Your Streaming Service on Steroids

Do you have multiple devices connected to your network? Do you work from home?
This solution is for you.

Our scalable options ensure you can get the speed you need to navigate your favorite movies and shows without slowing anybody down.


Experience Gaming the Way it Was Meant to be

Eliminate the jitter and latency slowing down your online experience. Get online with professional-grade speeds.

Immerse yourself in your favorite gaming experience.


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