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Ranoo Saeed - Sr. Operations Manager

Employee Bio

A relentless driver of high productivity in her role as Director of Operations; Customers enjoy working with Ranoo because of her strong work ethic and her dedication to customer service.

Managing the Fast Pace

Ranoo manages operations as a true professional and has been described as the glue that holds the team together.

Ranoo manages traffic similar to an air traffic controller at an airport. She is always on-watch and makes sure installation and service teams are properly scheduled and always arrive prepared, and on time. While scheduling is a major part of her day, she is always prepared for urgent situations that require quick and often custom solutions.

Exceeding Expectations

A graduate of UCSD with a bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, Ranoo would go on to earn a Scrum Master Certificate and Scrum Product Owner Certificate; ultimately becoming a Project Management Professional® (PMP). Today, Ranoo has the background knowledge that lets her lead teams of technicians and engineers in the field, while helping her understand the highly technical needs of ZTelco customers.