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Marco Castillo - Director of Marketing

Employee Bio

A talented marketing and brand professional with 15 years of entrepreneurship and agency experience, working with businesses of all sizes. Marco strategically develops brands for long-term market value.

A Trained Leader

A combination of stewardship, education, and entrepreneurship has helped to guide Marco’s vision of corporate leadership.

Marco understands leadership because he knows how to actively engage with diverse and global teams to accomplish organizational goals. Applying these skills to sales processes has given ZTelco the ability to delve deeper into what customers expect during their sales journey, and allows for the creation of targeted and engaging content at every step.

Exceeding Expectations

A graduate of CSU San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in Art and Graphic Design, Marco would expand his business skills with real-world entrepreneurship experience, and later with a Master’s of Science in Global Leadership (MSGL) degree from University of San Diego (USD). Today, Marco is helping to expand ZTelco’s voice online and on the ground.