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Jim Sweere - Vice President Network Operations

Employee Bio

A highly experienced network engineer and most-senior member of the ZTelco staff, Jim is credited with designing the ZTelco Network, overseeing its deployment, and ensuring its functionality and security as ZTelco continues to grow.

Solving Problems with Technology

As the right-hand of the company president, Jim has been responsible for the strategic deployment of ZTelco assets for meeting organizational goals.

An electrical and mechanical engineer by trade, Jim honed his skills during his time working as a contractor for the US Navy where he helped to develop a wave simulator, the first of its kind. Jim brings this experience and an innovative spirit to work, where he is able to make technological solutions available to businesses of all sizes.

Exceeding Expectations

Jim directs and manages multiple projects at a time, from designing network infrastructure solutions for clients to troubleshooting network interruptions, and employing next-gen technologies for network expansion.