Faster Internet And Better Phone Service
Jake Hansen - President and CEO

Employee Bio

A dedicated business leader leaving a trail of success in his mission to provide innovative phone and internet solutions throughout the U.S. Since 2006, Jake has been providing businesses and multi-tenant properties with solutions they can trust, backed by top-rated customer support that goes above and beyond.

It’s About Nurturing Trust

Jake is on a mission to change the way people connect. Having realized the huge demand for VOIP phone solutions early in his career, he has been working hard for 15 years to develop functional tools that have helped ZTelco grow year over year, exceeding financial goals at every step.

Jake listens to what customers are saying. In 2010, ZTelco would come to include fiber broadband internet services that would boost the functionality of existing phone services.

Exceeding Expectations

Jake’s success comes from listening to customer needs. In 2014 ZTelco was honored as one of the fastest-growing companies in San Diego, while future plans position ZTelco for large nationwide growth. Today, Jake is developing a nationwide SAAS solution that puts customers in control of their phone system, allowing them to save significant time and money.