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Daniel Ray - Vice President of Operations

Employee Bio

Daniel is a driver of operational excellence, by focusing on building capabilities that are aligned with ZTelco’s long-term vision for growth, Daniel has added value to the company over the last 15 years.

Details Matter

Daniel helps to drive innovation by managing project prioritization and effective resource alignment, from supply chain to human resources, Daniel has a role in developing and managing people and processes.

As the leader of connected business operations and corporate affairs, Daniel is instrumental in making high-level executive decisions that drive the company forward. In addition, he is the final word in team-building, being responsible for strategic hiring decisions.

Exceeding Expectations

Daniel’s long history working in the tech and customer support fields gives him an upper hand in his executive role. Since 1998, Daniel has worked in customer support, specializing in IT and VOIP solutions. He brings this long history of experiences to the forefront as he helps plan for ZTelco’s future success with customer support in mind.