Faster Internet And Better Phone Service
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Centralized Phone Systems

Discover the advantages that come with a centralized hosted phone system.

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Fiber Internet Speed

Do more with faster internet services via fixed microwave receivers.

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WiFi Hotspots

Provide fiber coverage in your property with managed WiFi hotspots.

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Offsite Cloud-based Storage

Secure your file storage and file transfers with a reliable and compliant backup.

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Security Encryption

Ensure security needs are met with enterprise-grade security features.

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Call Monitoring

Monitor and record sales, marketing, and customer support with advanced tools and features.

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Phone Auto Attendant

Provide an optimized experience each time you use the phone or when someone reaches out to you.

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Customer Support

Reliable enterprise-grade solutions and support at a fraction of the cost.

Indoor and Outdoor WiFi Hotspots

Get your facility connected to fast fiber WiFi and create your own hotspots. Connect your entire facility and include WiFi connectivity to previously hard to cover areas, whether indoor or outdoors.

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Membership Management

Use ZTelco Voice to manage memberships. Use advanced features such as call monitoring and autodialer to help you get connected to those you serve.

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Integrate Your Communications

Get connected to ZTelco’s and combine your voice and data into one easy to manage system. Tired of paying bills to multiple providers? ZTelco can help you integrate your voice and internet.

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