About ZTelco

ZTelco was founded by professionals in the telecom and wireless industries. Being gamers in our personal time and data hogs in the office, we saw the value of super-fast internet and super-reliable phones and a business model was born.

Over the past several years, ZTelco has grown to provide coverage throughout San Diego, expanded to Lake Elsinore, Temecula, Hemet and the Palm Desert and was just recognized as the tenth fastest growing business in San Diego in 2014. We provide thousands of employees with cutting edge cloud based digital phone systems, super-fast internet service and amazing network infrastructure. ZTelco provides services to local businesses, schools, multi-dwelling units, and private operators.

ZTelco is a next generation, San Diego-based, business-class carrier founded in 2004. Through our mastery of the best solutions available today for super-fast internet, cloud based digital phone systems, temporary internet, Ruckus WiFi systems and network infrastructure we help our customers reach their goals and uncover their full potential.

Instead of the typical broad-stroke approach of most of our competitors, our custom solutions break down technological and budgetary barriers with tools like unified communications, microwave last-mile transport, and state-of-the-art data center partnership. Whether your business needs to scale, fortify its network, or to simply find better value, ZTelco can help.

Internet Service Provider

We bypass the duopoly on business Internet service using microwave last-mile transport with scalable bandwidth up to 1Gbps via fiber, T1, or microwave. Integrated voice and internet options also available for ultimate cost-effectiveness. Industry leading SLA’s are included.

Cloud Based Digital Phone Systems

Take advantage of enterprise level reliability and sophistication with the benefits of personalized support. Realize even more value with an integrated solution to include Internet and/or MPLS. Whether your business has 10 handsets or 10,000 users, we can help you.

Manage your multi-location business with a fully-meshed and secure network. Easily scale your business with a proven solution to provide inter-office connectivity. Better manage your critical applications with traffic prioritization using a ZTelco private network.

Temporary Internet

(events, trade shows, conventions, parties, etc)

ZTelco has one of the strongest reputations in providing on-demand high-bandwidth solutions for large-crowd environments such as festivals, concerts, street fairs, and conventions. Using fiber, microwave, wireless, and satellite conduits (or combinations), we incorporate proprietary technology to deliver reliable bandwidth anywhere. It doesn’t matter where the event will be held, chances are, we can deliver.

Ruckus WiFi Systems

(indoor and outdoor)

Ruckus Mobile Internet solutions let service providers deliver reliable, indoor/outdoor, always-on, broadband services using Smart Wi-Fi technology at a fraction of the cost and complexity of conventional macro alternatives.

Network Infrastructure

We provide robust business continuity solutions to help business maximizes your resources at all times. Our solutions include last-mile and carrier diversity, and often incorporate automation in failover and/or load-balancing mechanisms.

ZTelco White Glove Support

Every single ZTelco solution comes standard with ZTelco White Glove Service. Although our company is known for utilizing cutting-edge technology, ZTelco’s foundation is built with just one simple idea - to always be there for our customers. We’ve flourished to where we are today because our customers can always count on us.

Our resources are most dense right here in San Diego where our reputation as a value-oriented communications company with unusually excellent customer support has been forged. We hold ourselves accountable to the very highest standards in customer service no matter how demanding the situation. We are experts in resolving complex and difficult issues so that our customers can focus on their business. We know how frustrating and overwhelming a communications infrastructure can be, so 24/7, just give us a call and we’ll help you get past those issues a little easier.