Is Your Business Remote Ready? Connect with a Central Phone System

Get a Cloud-Based Central Phone System with Remote Work Options

Connect Your Remote Staff with a Central Phone System


Get a phone system designed for flexible work environments. With ZTelco Voice, you can manage calls from anywhere with an internet connection, using the same central telephone account. 

Connect Multiple Devices With the Same Extension Number

Make and receive calls with new, enterprise-quality VoIP phones; with existing IP Phones; on employee computers, or mobile devices. Take advantage of all the benefits normally reserved for a desk phone on all your devices. 

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Superior Hardware

Keep extensions and toll-free numbers in-tact regardless of where your employees work.

Your customers can still experience a professional phone experience regardless of location.

Use your phones from home or connect on mobile devices.

ztelco-phone-system-take-home-01Download our hardware guide (PDF) to see our new VoIP phones. 

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