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Matt Anderson - Accounting Manager

Employee Bio

A forward-thinking accounting professional who’s close attention to organization detail helps transform budgeting and cost analysis into an integral part of ZTelco’s profit center.

Persistence as a Value

Matt understands the importance of planning and budgeting and knows that it takes persistent attention to detail to make a long-term difference to a company’s bottom line and overall value.

Matt consistently looks for opportunities as he manages the company’s cash flows, understanding the difference sound financial investments can make, as opposed to simply managing the company books.

Exceeding Expectations

A distinguished graduate of CSU San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Matt spent his early professional life managing production and back-office operations where he developed an appreciation for the hard work it takes to work in accounting. This early hands-on experience allowed him to see how organizations operate from the ground up. He is now using this experience to make sure all spending, no matter how small is accurately mapped and counted.